Ep. 21 “Sod Trump & Brexit - Where’s me washboard?!”

January 23, 2017

Hello there dear Listener,

Thanks for downloading episode 21! This week Rob and Helen joined Albert's Skifflke band for a morning which was off the hook!

If you need a break from Trump, Brexit and the constant doom and gloom of the news, co,me and spend the morning with 88 year old, washboard playing, tap dancing, spoon rattling Albert and his Skiffle band. Happiness guaranteed. Simple.


Rob and Helen x



Ep. 20 “I’ve not got worms, I’m just trying to sell my car!”

January 15, 2017

Hello Dear Listener,

This week we take Rob's car to the sales room! No it is not the most romantic of dates, which maybe why Rob totally loses his sense of humour in this one. We talk to our fantastic old neighbour Paul for some car chat and Helen tries to hold it together when talk turns to a potential medical problem Rob has (might have).

Enjoy folks!

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Rob and Helen x


Ep. 19 “Release the Doves!”

January 9, 2017

Happy New Year Dear Listener!

Thanks for downloading this first episode of 2017. This week Rob and Helen release 9 white doves into the sky, in many ways this podcast is a call for world peace, in other ways it contains the usual titting about you might have come to expect from Datenight.

There's also the result of our Christmas single charity single auction and we speak to our generous highest bidder James (very much an honourary Andrew)

You can now donate to the podcast, all the details are on the facebook page.

Happy new year folks!

Rob and Helen x



Ep. 18 ‘F**K YOU! I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!’ Christmas Special

December 24, 2016

Hello there dear listener and a very happy Christmas.

In short, this week, we head into the garage, crank up the amps and do a cover version of Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing in the name' with our mate Rick, who plays the drums. Helen delivers a truly incendiary vocal and the live recording was mastered and mixed by the legendary Gaz coombes!

We have burnt one single CD of the recording (To raise money for Shelter.org.uk) which we are auctioning on eBay here... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Date-Night-Podcast-Charity-Single-Killing-in-the-name-/142222964101?hash=item211d263585:g:6NYAAOSwW6JYXvB2

So get your bids in and lets see how much we can raise.

Thanks so much for downloading the podcast, we're gonna take a couple of weeks off and we'll be back with you January 8/9th 2017

Much love to you all dear listeners and lets see how much we can raise for Shelter.org.uk

Rob and Helen




Ep.17 An Open Letter to Chris Waddle

December 18, 2016

Hello there dear listener.

Thanks for downloading the podcast and we've got a peach of a pod for your ears this/morning/this evening - whenever and wherever you're listening.

We set off on our date night, to a golf driving range (Helen's idea) but as the date unfolded, it's direction took a real left turn due to an unvelievable coincidence! Listen and all will be revealed.

If you enjoy the show please tell your friends and get in touch with any of your suggestions for future datenights.


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@datenightpod twitter


Rob and Helen x


Ep. 16 Rob (& Helen) The Builder (s)

December 11, 2016

Hello there dear listener,

This week we're having the bathroom sorted out, so it made perfect sense to do the podcast with our brilliant bulders, Pete Jackson and his son Danny and his nephew Ben.

Pete had Rob cut through the soil pipe with an angle grinder and Helen and Rob find fun in trying to come up with inventive ways to stay clean while being without a bathroom.

Enjoy the podcast!

Rob and Helen x


Ep. 15 Very Sore Bottoms

December 4, 2016

Hello there dear listener,

Thanks for downloading episode 15! This week Helen organises for us to go extreme mountain biking! Which is odd, as one of her biggest fears in life is riding, or rather, falling off bikes. So this week the anxiety shoe is firmly on the other foot and Helen gets the fear!!

Of course, there's all the usual ribbing of rob's clothes and loads of laughs and sonic atmosphere from the top of the trail.

Massive thankyou's to James at www.bikegarage.co.uk for the free bike loan and to John at www.peakdistrictmountainbiking.co.uk for taking us lucky chumps out on the trail.

You can see some footage and pics from the day here




Rob and Helen X



Ep. 14 Get Ready Cook!

November 27, 2016

Thanks for downloading episode 14 dear listener!

This week Helen springs the podcast on Rob and it's "Get Ready Cook!", which is a bit like 'Ready Steady Cook' and in no way infringes on that format and it's copyright and if anyone says so they are WRONG!

Rob's inprovised recipe is below.

1 leek chopped

1 clove garlic

1 small pack garlic and herb soft cheese

1/2 tin artichoke hearts

some red lentils

2 sweet potatoes

Fry the chopped leeks and garlic until soft and golden, boil the lentils until the buggers are cooked, then chop the artichokes and stir in the soft cheese. put this misture into ramakins or whatever you want.

mash your boiled sweet potato with some butter, put it on the top of the mixture and brown off in the oven.

eat using some sort of fork.


Rob and Helen. x



Ep. 13 “Sweet Harmonies!” Singing Lessons

November 20, 2016

Hello there dear listener!

On This week's date night Podcast Rob and Helen have a close harmony singing lesson. Will they make sweet music together or will it make your ears bleed? There's only one way to find out.

Also, we have an earth shattering exclusive breaking news story, as Helen wins a bath on ebay and there is also audio of Rob scat singing with Ronnie the dog, it's hard to tell who's who.

Enjoy the podcast :)

Rob and Helen.


Ep. 12 The Herringbone incident - An Improvised radio play

November 14, 2016

Hello dear Listener!

This week, Helen springs the podcast on Rob. Having just got up, Helen challeneges him to join her in improvising, writing and recording a radio play all in under an hour!

We think we've come up with a truly compelling piece of drama here and have cleared the mantelpiece in preparation for all the awards that will soon be spilling off its sides.

So, strap in and enjoy the white knuckle ride of raw creativity!


Rob and Helen x