Ep 9. Grease me all over baby!

September 25, 2016

Hello Dear Listener and thanks for down loading this episode. I think it's a really fun one. Helen finally revealed what she had in store for me this week, but I only found out when I got there! 

Me and Helen are having a great laugh making these and stick around to the end as Helen reveals more of her plans. Please subscribe to the podcast and tell your friends!

If you want the mystery to be revealed in the podcast, just start listening, if not read on....

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Andy, Jo, Darrell, Liz and Jess at Riverside Garage, for having me for the morning as an apprentice! I'm sure I basically got in the way, but I had an amazing time, learnt a lot and had a great laugh with everyone there. If you're in the hope valley, you should take your car there!!

No money has changed hands here, I take my car there


Episode 8 Pilates!

September 17, 2016

Hello there Dear Listener and welcome to Episode 8. This week I attend a Pilates Class with Helen. Being about as dainty as a hippo in stilettos, I was somewhat apprehensive about making a total arse of myself and ruining it. We also talk about me getting a concussion this summer and some of my resultant odd behaviour, much of which I'd forgotten! Helen also reveals her plans for our future activities and remember your suggestions are welcome too. Contact the podcast at podcast@robrouse.com or on twitter @robrouse.


Rob :)

Episode 7 Sir Ian McKellen introduces…

September 9, 2016

Dear Listener!

I'm back, with renewed vigour and drive to upload a podcast a week, that's right, one a week.

Both kids are in school now full time, so me and my wife find ourselves rattling round the house with time on our hands. Hmmm. Lets see how wisely we use it!

Today's podcast sees Benedict Updike off of radio 4, go out for a country walk with my wife. After they visit a beer festival, Benedict really starts to overshare.

Enjoy! .... and spread the word if you do.

Happy rambling folks!

Rob X

The Rob Rouse Podcast Episode 6. Jean The Bean “Rage against the dying of the light.”

May 23, 2016

Hello Dear Listener,

Thanks for downloading Episode 6. This is the podcast I've always wanted to make! My Mother in law Jean 'The Bean', Is a remarkable person and makes connections with people in the most unlikely circumstances. We used to review new music together on Xfm back in the day and our conversations would always spiral in and out of the music and the themes that it brought to the fore. 

Jean would make connections with the music to the world around her and in one outstanding review she was so moved by Queens of The Stone Age that she started quoting Dylan Thomas. That review got sent to the bands management, the band replied and the rest of the story is told in this podcast. 

So with Post Pop Depression - The new album from Iggy Pop and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, recently released, It felt like the perfect time to talk music and life with Jean on the mic again. As always Jean went above and beyond with her research and preparation, even watching Iggy Pop's John Peel lecture on the BBC iplayer beforehand and we had a great conversation.

Inspired by the music Jean Rages against the dying of the light and talks with great parity and humour about the current state of the world and her place in it, then goes 'Full Samuel L Jackson' on her old computer with a sledgehammer in and act of symbolic destruction. A must listen for anyone who feels trapped by the system or even if you're not and you'd just like the world to be a better place.

Thanks Jean - You are Rock and Roll. Not my words, that's Josh Homme who said that.

Rob X

May 2016


Episode 5 ‘The Launch’ (Rubber Johnnies in space!) with Marcus Brigstocke

April 7, 2016

Hello there Dear Listener!

Episode 5 is here and it is an absolute corker!

I'm joined by Marcus Brigstocke, one of the most delightful and daftest people I know, but by thunder he knows a thing or two about space and stuff and in this groundbreaking podcast we launch our very own space programme.

By 2020 we fully intend to land an unmanned craft (a rubber johnny) on the mysterious red planet of Mars. No Bullshit. We're dead serious. And it all starts here.

Without a doubt you'll be inspired by this and please do let us know how your own space missions are progressing by getting in touch with the podcast at podcast@robrouse.com.

Please enjoy this podcast, share it among your friend(s) and your various median platforms both in this galaxy and beyond. 

As ever, Peace. 

Rob X

The Rob Rouse Podcast Episode 4. A Journey Through Dance

February 15, 2016

The Rob Rouse Podcast Episode 3 ‘Getting Hot and Sweaty’

December 11, 2015

Welcome to episode 3 of the Rob Rouse podcast. My podcast. I Hope you’re well and thanks for downloading it wherever you are.


Todays Show is a bit different. Although only being on episode 3, I’m not sure what normal is yet or indeed if there should be. However, vaguely speaking, the podcast so far has been me talking to people while doing something - A bit like one of those overly earnest Radio 4 documentaries where the try to paint pictures with sound, you know PRETEND TO MAKE A CUP OF TEA… but hopefully funnier and entertaining. Being interesting is good too, but not too much naval gazing. Do you need another comedian doing a podcast where they try to get to the heart of what everything means? Or, are am I ultimately here to make a fool of myself? I’ve usually needed up being the latter and this week is no exception.

I think this is a really good one. It’s funny, it’s partially informative. It’s local and it came together totally organically. 

I’ve Got a massive guest this week. I can’t believe I’ve managed to line this one up. It’s been years in the planning I’m delighted to tell you this episode features…. my wife Helen! 

She’s a real renaissance woman. She’s a great actor, writer, runs and playgroup, helps children read at the local school, is an amazing mother, she’s funny, she’s also doing one day a week as a dinner lady - boner alert! - don’t know why, but it works for me. She also makes her own greeting cards and swears like a builder… this list is endless.

It’s hard to stay fit on the road as a stand up, or is it. I don’t know. maybe it’s hard to stay fit full stop, maybe some people are just better at it than others. I’ve always liked to think of myself as fairly fit and healthy but I’m sure that’s just my own myopic belief that taking the dog for a walk every now and then and doing the odd press up somehow offsets all the booze and the late nights and the inevitable effects of getting older.

A few months ago Helen found an advert from a local fella who comes round and ‘BEASTS’ you in your own garden.  Despite my misgivings about it all, I think it’s better value than joining a gym he comes to you, I’m not bring paid for this, in fact I paid him to have me in the class! Anyway, I joined him and my special guest, my wife,  for their Wednesday workout…. and this is what happened. Feel free to try it yourself and I must warn you before you listen…

there’s talk of my buttocks, a lot of swearing and a certain amount of vomiting for which I’m unable to apologise.

The full workout we did is below…ENJOY!!!!

The 600 Workout

50 Star Jumps

50 Narrow arm press ups

50 Squat Jumps

50 Sit ups

50 Squat thrusts

50 Shoulder width Press ups

50 front to back jumps

50 wide arm press ups

50 side to side jumps

50 Tricep dips

50 Burpees

50 v sit ups


The Rob Rouse Podcast Episode 2. The Tom Wrigglesworth Chainsaw debacle

November 24, 2015

The Rob Rouse Podcast. Episode 2. The Tom Wrigglesworth Chainsaw Debacle.

Hey there how are you. Rob Rouse Here with Episode 2. Episode 2. Feels good. It’s a real thing now. It’s happening, there’s more podcasts in the chamber backed up for release and more folks lined up and daft ideas to record. 

thanks for downloading the first episode an enormous thanks to Gaz Coombes for doing it and being so brilliant and for tweeting about it and thanks to all of you what tweeted too with feedback to @robrouse and who emailed in on podcast@robrouse.com twitter or left comments on itunes

On the show is a good friend of mine and a Fantastically naturally funny Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth. I live up in the wilds up here in the hills. i love it. When my wife first suggested it, a part of me came kicking and screaming and then rapidly realised I’m just scared of change and her ideas tend to be great ones and benefit the whole family and aren’t simply just a cold calculated plan to destroy my happiness and career. I laugh inside as I use the word Career! I don’t believe comedy is a career. I believe it’s an illness, not a bad one, an affliction which we medicate through the expression of ridiculous ideas and postulations and of course, shouting at strangers, all in all quite a healthy way to spend your time. So imagine my delight when I found out Tom was planning a move to this neck of the woods. Another clown in the hills. I couldn’t be happier. So with the temperature plummeting, heating bills going through the fucking roof. Literally last Christmases bill made me actually cry. We’ve decided that as we’re surrounded by trees, to go for log burner and that in turn requires the assembly and wielding of a chainsaw. So who better to accomplish that with than with a fellow professional idiot

Tom’s also got a wonderful show on BBC Radio 4 Wrigglesworth’s hangups every Wednesday 6.30 pm on BBC radio 4 right up until christmas and on the iPlayer. If you’re overseas I don’t know how that works but imagine you’ve got a way.

So here it is Episode 2. The wrigglesworth chainsaw debacle. I’ve done my best to ride the levels there but be warned, this will get loud!!!




The Rob Rouse Podcast Episode 1. Gaz Coombes cuts Rob’s hair

November 9, 2015

Hello Dear listener. Thanks so much for downloading episode 1! 


I spend a lot of time travelling, as I imagine you may do and in recent years I think podcasts have kept me sane as I plough up and down the country doing my gigs. So I thought it was time to put something into the podcast pot. 

So the idea is I’m going to have entertaining and and interesting conversations with fascinating people while we’re doing something different.

So, we’re kicking off in rip roaring style with a superb first guest. It’s the truly brilliant musician and songwriter Gaz Coombes.  You’ll no doubt know him from much loved chart-topping band Supergrass and more recently over the last 3 years or so he’s firmly established himself as a solo artist releasing two really fantastic records, his latest album ‘Matador’ has just been nominated for the Mercury Prize (which occurred just after this was recorded so we chatted again about that afterwards) It’s a such great record if you haven’t got it, grab a copy it’s just beautifully, crafted, soulful, amazing collection of songs, it’s just magic.

He’s also such a charming, funny and warm person and he came round and give me a haircut. during which we talked about all sorts of stuff and had a chicken dinner. Obviously that’s not how Parkinson does his interviews, but that’s how I did this one. And I think through the haircut we get into all sorts of stuff about creativity about the importance of making mistakes and also as I was listening back to it I realised how much fun it is to do something, when you really haven’t planned it out in any sense at all really and there’s also a great impromptu live performance from Gaz.

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, so it plops into your inbox each weak-ish you can get in touch with the podcast by emailing me at podcast@robrouse.com or @robrouse on twitter. It’s that easy.

Super-importantly go see Gaz live, he’s out on the road through November and December, all dates are at gazcoombes.com.

OOp should mention there’s a couple of swears and one, maybe two burps, both mine both involuntary, but I left the in as they happened just as we were talking about the how rough edges and mistakes kind of give things a vibe or atmosphere, so it would have felt wrong to nip them out.

So here it is episode No1. Gaz Coombes cuts Rob’s hair. This was recorded in early October of 2015.